Monday, December 8, 2008

come Christmastime, I hope to still be alive

It's 12:45am and this is the nth consecutive day that I'm sleeping past midnight. I'm not even ready for bed yet as I have yet to finish two papers due tomorrow, and the stupid stupid research proposal due on Wednesday. I have a partner actually but.. meh.

I've kind of admitted to myself that I just put off things to do way too much that I end up drowning in them. Like today, instead of staying at home and writing to finally get a good night's sleep, I went to two malls with my momma and went shopping [I got lots of really cool stuff by the way, and they will all slowly turn up in my outfits to come! :D]. I had a GREAT lunch at an Italian restaurant called CIBO and a wonderful dinner at home wherein I devoured tons of self-steamed (is there such a term? anyways, I steamed them myself) Siomai from Conti's. YUM YUM YUM.

My stomach is growling as I type this. I constantly hunger for everything. What is wrong with me?

Now, I shall disappear and return to the land of paperwork and deadlines. UGH.

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