Tuesday, November 4, 2008

warm and cozy in the rain

I dyed my hair almost 2 weeks ago and it's now red in the light! I'm going to dye it again soon to get a lighter shade that would come out even in the dark. :D

This is the red scarf I mentioned in my previous post. I haven't been able to wear my wool tights yet. I'm saving them for a better outfit. This one was pretty rushed due to the fact that, yet again, I didn't have anything prepared for the day. I was going to wear my new Wellington boots but I decided against it since it wasn't raining anyway. Guess what? The moment I reached my school, it did rain! @_@ Ugh. I've been dying to wear my boots!

marks and spencer red scarf, thrifted shirtdress, zara tights, topshop flats, forever21 glasses

Sunday, November 2, 2008

In all honesty, I don't really know what I was going for with this look. I have much love for vintage and twee style but this doesn't seem to fit into either (since none of these are vintage - just vintage looking).

The weather that day was an absolute torture. I loved my outfit but the sun wasn't cooperating. I walked from my campus to my boyfriend's and by the time I got there, I was sweaty and hideous. @_@ His building has air conditioning alright but the walls are made of clear glass. The heat was inescapable. I have to remind myself more that I am living in such a country wherein it could rain really hard one minute, and just be excruciatingly hot the next.

I'm lusting for more shirtdresses to wear for school. I recently bought a new red scarf and black wool tights (will post pics soon). I finally found WOOL TIGHTS! Tights are everywhere, every store has them in every color you can think of but the material totally sucks!! They're usually very thin and see-through. The stitches are also bad. I bought a cheap one before from a department store and it's a big failure. Now, I just use the ones from Zara and Macy's. They're pricey but at least they're meant to last.

details (1) these lace-up oxfords feel so good when you wear them, the leather is very soft; (2) one of my most favorite clothes.. this floral shirtdress from topshop is so light and breezy; (3) this cardigan, I got for only $12 during a sale at mango. the black lining is what makes it so special and it has pockets! what a gem.

topshop floral shirtdress, mango cardigan, zara tights, steve madden oxfords


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