Monday, December 8, 2008

i had a hot date

(im done with homework so here I am now~ a new record for me: i finished this entry in less than 20 minutes!)

I am not a fan of designer/label stuff and high heels BUT sometimes, when something catches my eye and gets stuck in my head for many days and nights, I do something about it. That applies to that Burberry bag that you see in the image. I was in New York and was originally planning on purchasing a Marc by Marc Jacobs purse (a brown Dr. Grovee, in particular) but after a hopeless search, (I was in California two weeks before arriving in NYC and I didn't find the said purse there, not even in Beverly Hills) I decided to give up.

Let me explain: I found the purse, yes, but not in the color of my choice. And I'd hate to get another black bag as expensive as that. I really prefer getting something I specifically chose and plastered in my head than settle for second best. So I went online (I brought my laptop abroad, yay for free wi-fi in hotels) and started my bag search. For some reason, I found this cute little Burberry bag that is shaped like a Louis Vuitton speedy. Except, it is cuter and less popular. Or in my country, anyways.

So we went to Bloomingdale's and found myself running back and forth from the MbyMJ shelf and back to the Burberry shelf again and again. The saleslady got a bit suspicious. I even considered some other MbyMJ bags but they were far too heavy for me. Just the hardware alone were HEEEVIIII. . heavy. So in the end, I settled for this Burberry purse. Although, I still dream of owning an MJ bag in the future. We'll see!

I really tried (HONESTLY!) to get a detailed photo of my dress but it was difficult to do self-portraits/vain shots using my dSLR because of the lens, it's toooo heavy. Next time, I'll use my mother's digicam. I was just too lazy and in a hurry that night to even bother. Haha. Excuse my face. That minidress is ruffled and looks a bit dolly. I love it. It's from Zara and I've only worn it twice since I bought it last year.

I hate high heels so I will come clean - I did NOT wear these shoes that night. I changed into my trusty black flats because I knew it was going to be a long night (and yes, it was) and I just didn't want to suffer. Maybe some other time? I love these shoes!

zara black dress, zara gray tights, fiorrucci lace-up heeled oxfords, burberry handbag

come Christmastime, I hope to still be alive

It's 12:45am and this is the nth consecutive day that I'm sleeping past midnight. I'm not even ready for bed yet as I have yet to finish two papers due tomorrow, and the stupid stupid research proposal due on Wednesday. I have a partner actually but.. meh.

I've kind of admitted to myself that I just put off things to do way too much that I end up drowning in them. Like today, instead of staying at home and writing to finally get a good night's sleep, I went to two malls with my momma and went shopping [I got lots of really cool stuff by the way, and they will all slowly turn up in my outfits to come! :D]. I had a GREAT lunch at an Italian restaurant called CIBO and a wonderful dinner at home wherein I devoured tons of self-steamed (is there such a term? anyways, I steamed them myself) Siomai from Conti's. YUM YUM YUM.

My stomach is growling as I type this. I constantly hunger for everything. What is wrong with me?

Now, I shall disappear and return to the land of paperwork and deadlines. UGH.